A Sunny Romance

When Joyce Latham of Sunninghill Close, Bradwell in Norfolk set sail on the cruise of a lifetime in October, she never imagined that her partner John Turner also of Sunninghill Close would choose the occasion to propose. She said: “We were sitting down for dinner and I expected a rose as a romantic gesture but instead John placed a ring box on the table and got down on bended knee to ask me to marry him. I was surprised and absolutely thrilled as were all the other people on our table who practically had tears in their eyes.”

For the residents of Sunninghill Close – Blue Sky Homes prestigious park home estate located in an attractive rural setting close to both Gorleston and Great Yarmouth - the happy event has come of less of a surprise. In fact the thriving social club for this close knit community witnessed love blossom unexpectedly for Joyce and John and anticipated wedding bells.

“Everyone at Sunninghill is really happy for us and several said they thought we might return from our cruise as a married couple. It is lovely to have something to celebrate with our friends and that’s why one of the first things we did was to organise a party for the social club.”

Joyce and John met at Sunninghill in 2003, but it was only after they both lost their partners and took solace in the Social Club that the couple got to know each other better.

“Like most people on the park, we moved here for peace and quiet and to be with other retired people who value their lovely homes and the community spirit which extends to supporting each other in times of sadness. When my husband died a few years ago I never felt alone, neighbours and friends from the social club really helped, which also applies to John who lost his wife in 2003. We started out as friends and simply fell in love over time.”

With a large combined family of six children and eleven grand children, the couple are planning a family wedding at the end of the year. Apart from the preparations for the wedding, the couple have a few other decisions to make including which home they should move into as the new Mr and Mrs Turner. John said: “We both love our park homes so it is difficult to know what to do next – perhaps we could bring them together!”

Michael Timewell, Marketing Director of Blue Sky Homes said he was delighted for the couple and thought that other romances might blossom in the future.

“When people move to one of our developments – Sunninghill Close and Blue Sky Close in Bradwell in Norfolk and Highgrove Close in Oulton Broad, Suffolk – they often say it transforms their lives, either because it is so peaceful and relaxing or because their social calendar is busier than ever. This is our third engagement and every time it is rewarding to know that we have played cupid even if it’s only in a small way by helping to create a strong community.”


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