Blue Sky Leisure Celebrates Staff Superheros

It's not often staff receive a pat on the back, but the directors of Blue Sky Leisure did just that at their third annual conference held to update staff on the future planning of its three well known establishments, Kelling Heath Holiday Park, Woodhill Park and the Zaks chain of Fine American Restaurants.

Winners of the overall Superhero Award went to Marie Sims and Dave Michael, a couple who seasonally work at Kelling Heath Holiday Park.  They heart-warmingly helped a one year old and his family continue their holiday after he suffered severe burns to his fingers from a cooking stove whilst camping at the park last summer.  

The doctor told the parents that camping with the injured child would not be advisable, therefore, in order that the family could continue their holiday at Kelling Heath, Marie and Dave lent the family their own touring caravan so they didn’t have to forgo their holiday and return home.

Marie, a receptionist at Kelling Heath and her partner Dave who works for the maintenance team on the park said: “We will always try to help anyone who needs it and the family were delighted they could continue their holiday at Kelling Heath despite the child’s accident, so it was a happy ending.”

Winner of the Passionate about our Environment Superhero award was presented to Stephen Hubbard from Kelling Heath and Toni Moher from Zaks, Mousehold Heath received the Passionate about People Superhero award.

Ian Hacon, CEO of Blue Sky Leisure said: “It was great to get all our staff together and to brief them on the future developments of Blue Sky Leisure and to congratulate them for their dedication and commitment to the company.”


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