Stars In Their Eyes At Kelling Heath

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 The Andromeda Galaxy will be seen from Kelling Heath this autumnScenes from a previous Sky Camp at Kelling Heath
The Autumn Equinox Sky Camp held at Kelling Heath Holiday Park, organised by Loughton Astronomical Society with the support of the Society for Popular Astronomy, is the largest star party in the UK, with hundreds of amateur astronomers meeting up on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September 2007 to practice the oldest science in human history.

The event is hugely popular with all the pitches at Kelling Heath fully booked, including the two camping areas devoted exclusively to the amateur astronomers and other pitches throughout the park. However, day visitors may attend for free to witness the wonders of elusive galaxies and the Milky Way arching overhead.

One of the many amazing sights on offer, clear skies permitting, will be The Great Andromeda Galaxy, which you would not be able to see in a bright city centre. The constellation is the furthest object visible to the unaided eye at a distance of 2.9 million light years and when looking at this it is sobering to think, you are glancing almost three million years into the past!

The event is not just for observing, there will also be trade stands from some of the leading suppliers in the UK, a second hand ‘astroboot’ sale, afternoon talks by experienced amateur astronomers and workshops of particular interest to active observers.

Kelling Heath is one of the top locations in the country for astronomy and prides itself on combining the needs of the modern holidaymaker with a very special focus on the natural environment and makes full use of its prime location well away from any intrusive lighting and implements a strict ‘no lights’ policy. Even the lights on nearby touring amenity buildings will be switched off to ensure it does not hinder the night’s viewing.

Chairman of the Norwich Astronomical Society (NAS), Mark Thompson said: “The night skies at Kelling Heath are stunning and we aim to educate all on the many stars you are able to see.”

NAS Astro-imager, Martin Stirland says: “Kelling Heath Holiday Park is the darkest site in East Anglia and a premier sky spot in the UK for star gazing. On a clear night, guests will be treated to some stunning views. The gathering always has a friendly atmosphere and it is a fantastic opportunity for meeting up with like minded people to discuss tips and information, and make new friends with the same interests.”

Staying guests have the amazing night skies available at their fingertips throughout the year, with guided star walks from the Norwich Astronomical Society twice monthly to enrich both adults and children alike with the truly marvellous sight.

Kelling Heath is set among 250 acres of rare woodland and heathland, and while just over a mile from the picturesque North Norfolk coast, the park enjoys stunning views of the Weybourne coastline.

Kelling Heath offers short breaks over weekends or midweek and weekly rates. Weekly rates in a 3-bed wooden lodge start from £558 and for a luxury holiday home rates start from £211 depending on which home you choose, both sleep up to six persons. For touring caravans and tents serviced pitches are from £16 per night or £112 per week which includes one car per pitch, extra charges apply for awnings and dogs etc.

You can find out more information by calling 01263 588181 or visiting
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