Three Stone Weight Loss For Disabled Woman Thanks To Fitness Scheme


Losing over four stone is a milestone for anyone choosing to lose weight through exercise and careful dieting. For 65 year old Ann Argent from Erpingham in Norfolk it was even more significant as she’s unable to walk as a result of a fall, making exercise all the more challenging.

Ann is a member of the Kelling Heath Health & Fitness Club in Weybourne. The club which is managed by Fitness Express is one of only a handful of local fitness centre’s that’s accredited by the Inclusive Fitness Initiative (IFI). The IFI scheme supports the fitness industry to make it more inclusive of disabled and non-disabled customers alike.

For Ann, this meant that she has been able to undergo a program of core stability exercises, weightlifting, cardiovascular arm workouts and rowing; quite a feat for a woman whose spinal injuries make standing painful. Thanks to two years of hard work and dedication, Ann has gone from weighing 17st 7lbs to 13st 6lbs.

Ann comments: “I’d tried conventional diets but even though I was losing weight I was always hungry. It was so impossible to maintain that the weight would slowly come back on and I was back to square one. Desperate to find a solution to benefit my health I joined the club at Kelling Heath in October 2008 and started working with the trainers on a dedicated programme. “

It definitely required commitment as it took a while for my body to respond to the exercise but my trainers explained that this is normal and to keep going, which I did. Then after about six months the weight started to drop off. “My workout includes using the rowing machine and doing some weights on the multi-gym. I also work with my trainer Leanne to throw the medicine ball and use bicep curls to gain strength in my arms.

The session takes me over an hour to complete and I try to work out once a week. It helps that the staff are so specially qualified to work with me and they help me get the most out of the equipment in a way that means I can achieve my goals”.

Leanne Blowers General Manager of Fitness Express at Kelling Heath has been working with Ann over the past two years to build her fitness: “Ann is a shining example that exercise is possible no matter how mobile, fit or active you are. We’re trying to demonstrate that everyone can benefit from exercise and in being part of the IFI program we can work with people with all levels of fitness and mobility to produce a bespoke fitness programme that enables them to lose weight, develop muscle strength and generally live a fitter life.

“We wholeheartedly support the IFI program and find that a number of people like to come to our specially equipped fitness centre as it’s more secluded and less frantic than a mainstream gym. Ann is a fantastic example of someone who was skeptical in the early days but is finding that her dedication pays off!”

And for Ann, what have been the benefits? Ann comments: “Being fitter has enabled me to come off some of the medication I relied on before I started exercising regularly and as long as I eat a balanced diet I can enjoy the occasional treat! Plus at the rate I’m losing weight I keep needing to buy new clothes, so it’s a great excuse to go shopping!”

The IFI equipment at Kelling Heath includes a free weights section, treadmills, rowing machines and weight machines. There is also an indoor pool, sauna and steam room. Fitness Express has four qualified IFI staff.

For anyone interested in finding out more about the IFI program at Kelling Heath, please contact Leanne Blowers on 01263 589 919.


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